Instant cash remittance.

The recipient only needs a phone number!


EyePayCash™ is a banking service that will allow you to send cash to any person's cellphone immediately and safely through a simple SMS.


The recipient will get a notification to withdraw the money without the need of being a client of the bank.


Supported with the best double-key security system that will ensure that only the recipient can withdraw the money.

How It Works?


Your indispensable requirement to send an order, will be to have a bank account in one of the banks in our network. However, there are also pages that offer users the option to send orders from EyePayCash™ to be removed from their purses or give back a cash prize. The means, the form and the conditions of its use, will depend entirely on the bank or website from which the service is requested, but the basic steps are always met.


Any bank connected to our network will serve you. You can find the closest to your location with our ATM finder.

How do i send?

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The issuer orders

Only three data will be needed: the recipient cellphone number, the amount and a secret password of your choice

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Share the password to the recipient

You can inform the recipient by SMS, WhatsApp, E-Mail, cellphone.


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We will send a SMS to the recipient

We will inform you that the order is available, its amount and an SMS reference.

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The recipient goes to the ATM

The recipient could access the EyePayCash™ section without a card! type the information in the correct order: recipient’s cellphone number, amount, SMS reference and secret password.

Coming soon

on your smartphone!


We will provide some of the most common questions on EyePayCash™. If you have another doubt, contact us.


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